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Hello beautiful people!

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Because you're beautiful! 
And you need to have a smile on your face!
If you ever need to talk,  I'm here for you!
Stay strong and never doubt yourself, because you're perfect just the way you are!<3<3
:) x

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That awkward moment when the teacher asks for volunteeres and you accidentally make eye contact....O_O # Crap
Hi! I'm a fruit. 
Any other
fellow fruits out there?!

Being a fruit makes me berry happy♥

For every girl with a broken heart , there is a guy with a glue gun. #Sure, lets all get broken hearted and search for the glue gun. Insane. lolz

i have some berry juicnews
 for you.........
i am a berry fruitylicious fruit!

Breath stops,
hitches, gasps. Heart slows, speeds up, skips a beat. Tears roll like hills in the country over cheeks of pink and whispers come from sad, frowning lips.

I'm wishing for a miracle to save me from my own thoughts...

Why do we humans love the stars? Does it indicate that somehow we are aliens and once lived somewhere close to the stars? Why else do the stars look so beautiful and inviting to us? We belong there somewhere.

How many things would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?...