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Hmm, I'm really not awkward in the slightest.
My followers mean a lot, just saying ;)
All my quotes are mine.
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Quotes by coolsuperstarz

really mattered,
don't you think that the

would be the

*Clicks on witty profile*
*Loud band starts to play*
*Awkwardly turns around*
*Family look at me*
Yeah...*Nervous laugh* ok.

Bang bang,
that awful sound.
My baby shot me down.

There's no point being an angel,
if you're judging the angels in the making.
Because, we all know you was
a convert to.

I think i'm the only one who wouldn't mind an hour or two extra of school.
You Americans think the English are clever?
Your vocab range is way bigger then ours, you would probably laugh at us.
Generally your work is much harder, our mark scheme is more generous.
Seriously, we need to match up to the world, let's face it.
Were dumb.

Teacher: "Oh, were striking because of this mean man.
He's trying to encourage lots more rules for all teachers."
Class: *Falls asleep*
Teacher: "He's saying more school hours to... And-"
Class: *Ready with eggs*
Class: "Miss, does he live around here?"
I wish I was Laz-
Aha, to lazy to finish that sentence off, urm.

"If my style was a song, it will probably be
the theme song to bananas in pyjamas."

~Hailey Williams E>

I actually wish twins...
would wear their names on their forehead.
Wanting to say hi to someone,
but forgetting their name.