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my name is courtney and i am going to be 15 this july 18th. i love music, photography, quotes, and writing stories poems and short stories.<3 i love Eli Goldsworthy<3/ Munro Chambers<3 from degrassi!!!!<3 im nice funny and likes to be alone most of the time

Quotes by courtneyviola12

Emily comes home from school,
grabs onto her daddy's hand,
he says "baby girl what's wrong with you?"
she says "please don't make me go back there again"

She said "I wish there was some way
to make them stop it"
so he drives down to
that principle's ofice and says

"I didn't bring her up
so they could cut her down
I didn't bring her here
so they could shut her out
I live my whole damn life
to see that little girl's smile
so why are tears pouring down
that sweet face?
she wasn't brought up that way"

Emily's home late again
he sees that boy drive away
oh, but something different this time,
she doesn't have too much to say
she said "he tried but
there's just some things I won't do"
and through the tears
she said "I couldn't do that to you"
and he said

"I didn't bring you up
so he could wear
you down
take that innocent heart
and turn it inside out
I live my whole damn life
to see my little girl's smile
so don't let nobody take that away,
you weren't brought up that way"

The phone rings on a rainy night
says "it's Officer Tate"
he said "sir, there's been an accident,
you better come down here right away,
a drunken driver missed an overpass,
and Emily, she's fading fast"
he says "God,I didn't bring her up
to watch them lay her down
nearly killed me the day
they put her
momma in the ground
only thing that kept me alive,
was that little girl's smile
so please don't take that away,
I won't be easy taking her today,
she wasn't brought up that way"

He stands over the hospital bed
Emily opens her eyes


~ brought up that way <3 - taylor swift

 i made a tumblr for quotes i take from here (dont worry i will give credit), ones i write, and ones i get from other places! please foloow me i will follow back ----------------------->

thanks guys
Don't build me up to just tear me down. im not a toy, im not something to play with, then when you get bored or i break you leave me, for a shiny new one. don't act like you like me unless you do because ,my heart is fragile, and it can only be broken once to never be whole again. im not like a toy you cant buy or return me for another one if i break. so think about what you are doing

~courtney viola sherman

my quote please dont steal
im tired of being lonely.... 
"i wasnt THAT drunk......."
Dude you were in my room screaming 'never' at my justin bieber posters 

is a four letter word for:
building forts out of pillows and blankets; baking cookies; gazing at the stars together; having pillow fights; cuddling; Disney movie marathons; hugging; kissing in the rain;

being with the person that makes you feel beautiful; happy; and special in every way.  

                     my quote and format please don't steal

The awkward moment the person who told you they would never lie to you does....... and they cant see how much it hurts you......

thanks bestie

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