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Hey there. I make quotes, no I used to. Idk anymore. But I'm literally always online idk why.

Quotes by craziirose

My friend asked me and a few others would we prefer to be anorexic or fat.
They all said anorexic because they could gain weight again easily.
I instead said fat because being anorexic is a disease. 
I want to live in a world where no one was ignored or pitied on or hated upon or looked down at. Where the shoes we wore or your weight didn't determine who you were. 

A place where no one pretended to be your friend, but when your back was turned they wouldn't speak smack about you. A place where you could trust anyone you wanted to and could pour your feelings out to your friends, instead of keeping it all inside.

A world where everyone was your friend, and you could fall for someone to catch you with open arms.

A world where I would be accepted for who I am.


This year, I'm celebrating New Years by roleplaying a New Years party in my tumblr rp, catching up on my favorite shows, and lastly
changing my google chrome theme to a happy new years one.


Tonight Michelle and I will do what I know every parent in America will do, we will hug our children a little tighter. And we will tell them that we love them.”'
-Barack Obama about the 2nd largest shooting massacre in US(connecticut)

Suicide is for ‘weak’ people. Or how about it’s for people that have stayed strong for time too much that they couldn’t handle it anymore. How would you feel if someone tormented you every single damn moment of your life? Enjoyed seeing tears roll down that precious face? Laughed as you looked down in shame?
You never know what you’re going to do, no matter what you tell yourself or promise yourself, because sometimes circumstances are just too messed up for anyone to think
Suicide doesn't kill someone. The people who forced them into this, did.

In the Ellen Show, Ellen asked the boys in One Direction

whose single.
Niall's hand shot up, Harry put his hand up calmy
and Liam was the last one to put his hand up and he did it with such a sad face and sheepishly.

I started crying.


Your hand fits in mine
like it was meant to be
Everyone, he looked at me yesterday.

I am freaking out!