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Hello darling.♥
I'm Noelle.(:
What's there to know about me.? Well, i'm 14, i blow the candles out on December 19. i live in New York and in the absolutely worst town .. ever. i'm your average teenage girl, with a few exceptions. i have 3 siblings. 1 sister, 1 stepsister, & 1 stepbrother. When i was 7, my mom passed away. My dad is currently engaged and she is so nice, but like any other mom, shes annoying. Anyway, i love music. i listen to a variety of things. Eminem, Taylor Swift, Hollywood Undead, Ke$ha, Paramore & All Time Low are some of my favorite bands/singers. My bestfriends are what keep me going. i have a best guy friend that i can tell anything to, no i dont like him.  Summer is my season. Soccer & Basketball are my sports. Hunger Games Trilogy .. best books ever. Read them.
i don't judge and if anyone ever needs to talk, feel free to leave a comment, i'll always answer. i also like making new friends, so talk to me and get to know me. :D
Goodbye loves.♥

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K im gonna go on a vent here guisee. I feel like i've been the most annoying person to be around lately, i feel like i've been complaining too much. Some of my closest friends used to come to me for advice all the time and i could make them feel better, but now i don't know what to tell them. And i feel really bad about that. I used to get upset that my friends were upset but once i helped them i felt better, but now i can't help them so i just feel worse. My parents say i've been selfish lately, and thats partially true. I try to help them and make them happy but they want me to be the perfect child and do everything they say, and i can't do that for them. I always tried making others happy instead of myself, but it's all catching up now, and i'm trying to focus on making myself happy, but it seems like everyone just disagrees with that. I feel like i've been becoming more and more anti-social everyday. Everyone who tries to talk to me just gets annoying. They're not really annoying, i just see them that way. I've had an "attitude" with my parents, but i'm a teenager, who doesn't have an attitude towards theirs.? Some days everything's fine and i feel like things are turning around, then the next day everything sucks. Even the same day sometimes, i'll have an amazing day then i go home and it sucks.  Basically for any of my friends who read this, i'm sorry if i've been annoying or if i haven't been the best friend i can be. K thank you if you actually read this, i love you

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please, go like this quote if you haven't already. The girl in this quote is one of my bestfriends, and i know all the favorites it has now and more will make her smile so much when she finally sees it.


The user who wrote it is her sister. I want my bestfriend to feel okay again. I want her sister to feel okay again. I want her to realize she's not worthless,
she's amazing, beautiful, funny, caring, nice, smart, and so much more.
go to the quote & fav please.♥


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I'm gonna make this short and simple, sorry i havent made a quote in like 50000 years. i've been grounded. havent had my laptop for lord knows how long. i have my laptop now, but under supervision. obvs not atm otherwise i wouldnt be making a quote because if my parents knew i had a witty, they would stalk me like creeps. But anyway, i won't be making quotes for a while still. Until i get my laptop back, in my room where no one bothers me. If i can make honor roll, my parents said i can have it back. I miss witty and you all so much.<3 hope to talk to you all soon.(: 
The freshman girl,
oh so shy,
quietly watches
sophomore guy.
Sophomore guy,
with his head in a whirl,
Sits and watches
the junior girl.
in her Red Sedan,
wrongly chooses
senior man.
But that senior man,
hot and wild,
secretly loves
the freshman child.




What do Casey Anthonys parents (Caylee's grandparents) think about this.?

-----How do they feel to have a child murderer as a  daughter.? Do they even think that Casey killed Caylee.? 

or iit too much

For them to even handle.? Caylee's gandmother is the one who reported her missing, but what do they now think of their own daughter, Casey.? R.I.P Caylee Marie.♥         nmf.

Don't hold back.
Dance like you're a superstar.
Sing your highest note.
Act like the real person you are.

not my format.

1.) a painful experience that leaves teenage girls feeling regretful and doubtful. It hurts so bad and makes you paranoid and second guess everything.
2..) a wonderful thing that can leave a teenage girl feeling like the world is in her hands. It can make you smile the brightest and laugh the loudest.

3.) A realization of the phrase "you don't know what you've got until it's gone."
 4.) Him


"I walk a lonely road,
the only road that i have ever known.
Don't know where it goes, but

it's only me and i walk alone."