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Hi there. My name is Gabby. I love to sing and dance. I always try to stay positive. My biggest motivation is knowing that I have the potential to make someone smile. I live in the USA and I love my family and friends. I am not embarassed by anything that I post here because it's my life, and I have to live up to it. If I really like your quotes, I won't be afraid to tell you. If you have a question, just ask. I will always be honest. I'm kind of a nerd, but I have friends. I speak spanish. I don't hate anyone that hasn't done anything horendous. I don't have a problem with any wittian. I speak my mind. I love the ICONic Boyz. I love Music. Honestly, music is my life. I love running. I have my insecurities, plentiful, actually. If you don't like me, get in the back of the line. If you think I jocked a quote, just tell me politely and show proof please! I will be more than happy to fulfill any requests. I love all of my followers. And don't forget, you are worth it. You were meant to be here. And I care. 

Quotes by dazaghaswag

Student 1: Wed-nes-day
Student 2: *jokingly* That's Wednesday in Spanish!
Student 3: You take Spanish? 

this actually happened.... 
My Brother: Where's the salt?
Me: In the pantry.
My Brother: What?
Me: In the Narnia closet with the food in it.

True story... and he's 13, don't worry though, he doesn't have mental issues.
Kidz Bop.
Ruining Perfectly Good Songs
Since 2001
Today is my aunts birthday.
Most of you are thinking, "so what?"
Well, this birthday was different and she got the greatest gift she could ask for.
My aunt suffers from epilepsy.
She had been on a new medication and hadn't had a seizure for seven years.
That all changed four days ago. 
She was in Puerto Rico on vacation with her cousins and she had a seizure.
She hit her head badly and lost her speech.
She went to see a doctor and they didn't know when, or if she would get her speech back.
This morning, her birthday, she woke up and her speech was back. 
I called her to sing her happy birthday, and she thanked me. 
At the time, I didn't know if she could say anything. 
I cried as she spoke some scattered words.
Her speech is back, not perfect, but back. 
This gives me hope. 

True Story :)
Me: Sorry that you have to pay for my wedding. Ha!
Mom: Well I am not going to let you marry anyone, if you DO get married, until you're 50. And I will be almost dead so HA!
Me: You're setting me up for a forever alone life!
Mom: Cats are good. You are never too young for cats!

True Story...

Am I the only one
Who's second toe
Is bigger than their "big" toe?

My 12 year old brother started to sing
"Someone Like You" 
By Adele
Then the "Tarzan" soundtrack
Then "Figaro" the opera
Then "Piano Man" by Billy Joel
Then "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj
Then both my 12 year old brother
And my 14 year old brother started singing
"Call Me Maybe"
by Carly Rae Jensen

It's Friday the 13th
I stubbed my toe this morning
And. I. didn't. cry.

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