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I am from Canada, I enjoy writing poems, I am on &, I am a quotes writer and an artist ( I draw and paint) I also work on digital artwork.  I am also an Animal/Human rights activist as well.  Enjoy my quotes and have a good day, cheers!


Quotes by DJ*

"Reach For The Stars And Never Let Go."
"A Lucky Star Never Fades."

"Be The Lucky Star That Shines Through The Darkest Night."
"Keep The Spotlight Shining On Me."

"Believe In All That You Do In Your Life."

"Perfection suits me quite well."

"Never let your fame go to waste, 
  cherish your fame always."

"Just believe you can have anything you have always wanted
  and it may come true one day."

"Don't just dream it,
  Live your dreams
  before you are too

"You have the talent to become
  the shining star you deserve to
  be in life."