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Hey gus, my name is Elyssa.I'mm the kind of girl who loves to get lost in the music I listen to, or read a good book and never put it down untilI I'm done with it. I laugh way too much, and I rarely ever give second chances, so if I do you better not screw it up. My favorite thing to do is travel and sing when i can't travel. I believe that friends, family, individuality, and love are the keys to happiness and I will never judge anyone because I've been on the other side of that way too many times. I do my best not to push others away since people are all I have left. You are all beautiful and you deserve a lot more than you realize. I love you all!!!!

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If you are ever in any times of trouble or need, I will always be here for you. To listen. To help. And to be that friend that will be there for you. Always and forever. You should never be hurting. For you deserve the best. You're beautiful.

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Hey people!
Just a random check up to make sure y'all are all alive and well.
I hope you're happy.
f you want, y'all can kik me at enassar1.
hat's where I'll be.
Heyy guys. Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Just wanted you to know I won't be on as often at all. I still love you guys and will check up every once in a while to see if y'all need help. I'm personally on tumblr more now. Same username. Y'all can always message me there if you want as well. Love you guys. It's late, I know, but HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVELIES!!

I love you.
The times I love you most though are when you're wearing your heart on your sleeves, and I can see the beautiful person you really are.

Can I just be allowed to leave this all already? I just can't do this anymore.

So easy to love but so hard to get.

Hey I just met you,
And this is crazy!
Delete my number.
Don't call me baby.

Come over here. I need you...

I've faked the happiness so well that even my friends think I'm happy.

For without hope, we are nothing.

It's true. You're just so perfect to me.