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Hi everybody its Nicole! Here are some things about me i love the colors lime green,pink,light blue. I love being with my friends! I make mistakes im nothing near perfect but i always try in everything i do! So anyway i hope you like my profile follow me i follow back! <3 :)
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Quotes by dramaqueen99

My tears and feelings are real. but guess what, your not.

~I don't need someone who sees the good things in me. I need someone who sees the bad and still want's me~

~Always laugh when you can, it's cheaper than medicine~

Your not complete untill you put

a smile on your face. :)

haters=people who visit your facebook profile the most

Dear my haters,
You don't like me? ok? fine.But i'm living my dream, while your in bed thinking of mine. :P

It kills me to know that your smiling right now but im not the reason anymore. :(

Spend your life with people who make you happy not the ones you have to impress <3 enjoy your life, dont be fake just to fit in with the crowd

~I wish i was good enough for someone~

Don't look back.. Unless its a good view!