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Quotes by drummerdiane

It's probably wrong for me to say this but all I want is someone to see my scars and kiss them all better
One month ago today I was admitted into a psychiatric treamtent center. Basically a mental hospital. I was being treated for my anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and self-harm. Six days later I was discharged. It was really rough but I learned a lot from it. I'm still struggling but I'm fighting for my life. I realized I didn't want to end my life I just wanted the pain to end. I will recover and I will end my pain.
No one will ever love me once they know I'm suicidal...
I can't hurt you so I hurt myself instead.
You wouldn't be treating me like this if you knew you were one of the many reasons for my almost suicide and why I self-harm. But I can't tell you so what am I supposed to do?
Does it ever really get better? I dont know how much longer I can wait.
I accidentally scratched my arm on a sharp metal part of my shorts. It hurt but at the same time it felt so good. Thats why I then purposefully scratched my arm multiple times. It was a release. I promised myself I wouldn't self-harm. Well I just broke that promise.
On February 13, 2013 I had a
plan to commit suicide. 
My bestfriend saved my life
and is keeping me alive to this day.
Guys. I turned 18 yesterday!
That moment when you don't know if you want to live anymore.