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I'm Mary but you guys can call me whatever you want! I go by ducky most of the time though.
I love the color PURPLE and I love FOOOOOD more then pretty much anything in the world.
I'm pretty crazy most of the time and I don't care what people say about it, cause you'll get used to it eventually.
My bestie the_impossible_girl_who_waited told me to get a witty so here I am now.
I like sports, I play soccer, I'm a gymnast, I ride horses, and I run track.
I love Paramore, Blood on the Dancefloor, Black Veil Brides, Peirce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Greenday, ect.
I like to read, and my choice of books that I read goes from THIS IS A WORK OF ART, to, don't JUDGE MEEEE!!!!!!!
Well when I figure out how to do more things on here I'll be sure to add some more things but for now,

See Ya'll Later.

sleeping with sirens

My Profile is sooo interesting...


Quotes by ducky_the_impossible

Don't tell me that you understand,
Don't tell me that you know.
Don't tell me that I will survive,
How I will surely grow.

Don't tell me this is just a test,
That I am truely blessed.
That I am chosen for this task,
Apart from the rest.

Don't come to me with answers,
That can only come from me.
Don't tell me how my grief will pass...
That I will soon be free.

Don't stand in pious judgement,
Of the bonds I must untie.
Don't tell me how to suffer,
And don't tell me how to cry.

My life is filled with selfishness,
My pain is all I see.
But I need you, I need your love...

Accept me in my ups and downs,
I need someone to share.
Just hold my hand and let me cry,
And say, "My friend, I care."

By: J. Hendel

People wonder why I shut people

out...but I think it's pretty obvious.

I'm just tired of hearing



You think I cry because of the stingof the no.
But that's only part of it!
All the times I've said "I'm fine.",
All the heart breaks,
All the sadness I've kept under control,
All the stress I feel.
It becomes to much and no teenager should have to feel that kind of

Confession #13

I hate crying on the shower,
but sadly it seems like its become
part of my daily routine!



 Blessed are the flexible
for they shall not




That moment when you
can actually feel the pain
in your chest from seeing
or hearing something that

breaks your heart.

Some days,
I feel everything at once.
Other days,
I feel nothing at all.

I don't know what's worse:
Drowning beneath the waves
Or dying from the thirst. 




Laughing so hard you snort,
then laughing because you snorted,
then snorting again because you laughed.


She's got
a heavy heart,
a messy soul,
a reckless mind,
and I think it's
beautiful the way
she carries herself.

by Sean Bates


I would like to thank my arms,
for always being by my side.
My legs, for always supporting me.
My fingers, because I can always
count on them.
And my hips, for not lying!