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Random Survey 
Time started: 10:17
Gender: Female
Siblings: 1 younger brother and 2 older sisters
Eye color: brown...
Shoe size: 7 or 7.5
Height: 5'1"
What are you wearing: white t-shirt and black & pink nikes.
Where do you live: America
Righty or lefty: Righty
Who are your closest friends: Isabelle and Mary Pace
Best place for a date?: idk...
Fave Number: 12 or 24
Fave Boys Name: Louis Harry or Niall
Fave Girls Name: Lindsey .
Fave Sport: field hockey and track!
Fave Month: February or March
Favorite movies: Friends With Benefits, Harry Potter 1-8, One Direction The Live Tour, Hunger Games
Juice: Apple
Breakfast food: Waffles or Omlette
Favorite cartoon character: Phineas
Given anyone a bath: my brother when he was a baby?
Made yourself throw-up: Nah...
Gone skinny dipping: Nope...
Eaten a dog: No... poor puppy...
Put your tongue on a frozen pole?: nope
Loved someone so much it made you cry? nope
Broken a bone?: nope
Played truth or dare: Yup!
Been in a physical fight: nope
Been in a police car: Nah.
Been on a plane: yep
Come close to dying: not really
Been in a hot tub: ya
Cried when someone died: mhhm ;(
Fell off your chair: 24/7
Wait for someone's phone call all night: Yes
Saved AIM/Yahoo conversations: automatically does it for me
Saved e-mails: ya
Fallen for one of your best guy friends: not really
Made out with JUST a friend?: No
Used someone: No
Whats your good luck charm?: secret....
Best song you ever heard: Idk anysong by One Direction, Ed Sheeren, Olly Murs.
What's your bedroom like: Pink White and Green
Last thing you said: ok
What is beside you?: my phone and 2 shirts
Last thing you ate: a peice of cake
What kind of shampoo do you use: Herbal Essance 
Best thing that has happened to you this year: WE moved
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: idk
Chicken pox: Never
Sore Throat: nope
Stitches: Not that I know of...
Broken nose: Nooo
Do you believe in love at first sight?: nope
Like school: its ok
What schools have you gone to: St.C and JCC (for preschool)
Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000 dollars: noooo
If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you: Shala Isabelle Cari and One Direction
Who was the last person that called you: My Cousin
What makes you laugh the most?: One Direction Videos
What makes you smile?: A lot of things.
Last person you yelled at: My brother...
Last person that told you they love you: haha my cousin who is like 2
Is your loudest friend: i would say me but i guess Maris
Do you like filling these out?: Nothing better to do...
Do you wear contacts or glasses: glasses :/ i dont really wear them
Do you like yourself: YEAH!
Do you get along with your family: they annoy me sometimes but hey "You gotta love them"
Stolen anything over $50: Nope
What are you listening to right now?: the airconditioning vent
Got any awards: yeah
What car do you wish to have: i dont need a car yet
Where do you want to get married: privite beach in the carribian
Good driver: I can drive a Mario Kart...
Good singer: hahah... no
Have a lava lamp: i did but i broke it :(
How many remote controls are in your house: idk and idc
Double jointed: nope
What do you dream about: i forget them
Last time you showered: like 10 minutes ago
Last time you took a bath: after field hockey tryouts on friday
Scary or happy movies: romantic comedy (happy)
Chocolate or white chocolate: ewwww
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper: sprite
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Summer or winter: spring
Silver or Gold: gold
Diamond or pearl: pearl
Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset
Sprite or 7up: sprite
Cats or dogs: UNICORNS!
Coffee or tea: coffee
Phone or in person: Phone
Indoor or outdoor: depends but mostly indoor
End Time: 

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hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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I'm done writing. For good.
The last chapter of my recent story is up.
I'll be deleting the story in a few weeks.
I lost all my readers, but goodbye to the ones who are still there.
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Hello my beautiful readers,
you have every right to be furious with me. It's not that I haven't posted in a while, well i haven't that either, but I posted last month and was too lazy to notify!
Plus the day i uploaded was my BIRTHDAY so please leave feedback on the chapter? :3
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Hey readers, this is a group notification(meaning i paste the same thing to everyone's wall) so if you reply, please comment on my wall, instead of clicking reply to comment.
Chapter's up?(:
& y'all be some luck biiiiiiiiiiiitches cause my scrimmage got cancled last night and my tournament got cancled today cause of the snow, but I have another tomorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrow! pray with me it doesn't get cancled? (volleyball)

oh and i'd appriciate feedback, buuuut ya knowww..
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Chappppppppppppppppppppppppter 7.
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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new chapter .
please favorite and comment if you still read. </3
I'm sad that I lost you guys..
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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two new chapters
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Hey my readers(:
Well I don't know if you all saw my last post on you'alls walls, but if you did or didn't,
okay so I've posted three or four, (i forget) chapters of the story, and the past few I haven't notified, sorry... BUUUUUUUUUUT, you guys aren't reading or favoriting and I think you all left me. So if I don't get more faves on my previous/future chapters, than I will I WILL QUIT WRITING FOR GOOOD ON THIS ACCOUNT.
not even kidding. P.s, incase you didn't read my previous comment, I decided I missed you guys and came back earllie :pp, well this is a copy message, so you all will be reading the same thing so sorry if I didn't personalize it to answer any questions, but if you still have some please comment on my profile, not reply to this.
So, I reallly need you guys to favorite, I've been going through a lot and writing is my escape and well, when I don't get favorites and feedback it makes it worse.
Oh & I will post in a bit, I'll notify then too ;****
reply: post reply
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Hey everybody, I'm writing again (:
It's a few weeks earlie, I know, but I couldn't contain my excitement, I haaad to write.
So chapter one of my new story is up. Feedback? (if you want off my notification list just tell mee) And it isn't a fanfic (:
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Hey guys, I decided I'll notify you on the story Katie & I are writing. Since it's on another account, here's the link:
it's a harry fanfic, please read & fav.
Comment to me if you want to be off my notifications list. But feedback and faves on the chapter? (:
omgitsa1Dfanfic 1 decade ago
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so guess what
the epilogue for another world is finally out
after what, 2 months??
it sucks im sorry
idk i might do one i might not, i just need ideas.
i love you :)
xoxo, randi styles <3
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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It took me a while..but how many of you were waiting on this notification? Seriously, I wanna know. I know a day turned into almost two months, but the epilogue is posted, and has been for a while, I just was too lazy for notifications. Oh well. I've been dealing with alot. Please follow me and Katie's imagine account : 1Dimaginettes
comment on our profile with your name and fav member, and we'll make you a personal imagine! :)xx
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Final Chapter up. Epilogue comming soon.
but incase you don't, read this:
I'm not doing imagines on this account, I will partner with 1Dimaginettes on her account (1Dimaginettes) She's super nice, and great at writing. I might do a fan fic with her too, but if I do one on my own, on this account, it won't be until Dec.26th or later.

Thanks, you all we're amazing.
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hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Chapter 19's up.
& I know a great imaginette writer, and I might share her account and write mine on their along with her's. It's: 1Dimaginettes
go follow her nowwww! (:
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Chapter 18!
&I got 9 yes comments on that quote, & a few more on my wall. Looks like you all will have some imaginettes to read :)
Any format suggestions anyone?
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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News is also up, that I strongly suggest you read if you want me to continue writing. :)
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Heeeeeeeeeey my awesome readers! (Read all of this, well the important parts about me possibly writing <3333)
Chapter 17's up.
So what are your thoughts of me doing short, chapter-long, stories during my break? If I get no feedback on that, I'm not going to, but isn't it better than me not writing at all?
It's whatevaaaaaaaaa.
&last night, in walmart, my friends & I sat on giant dice in the middle of an asile, screaming at the top of our longs along with my iPod.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Hgirl and Friends.
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Hey, hey, hey peoples. (in case I couldn't notify you, both parts are up of next chapter)
I've decided that I'll write after christmas, that is after I finish this story, of course.
I might do little chapter long stories inbetween my writing break, idk..
I'm thinking of writing either a Harry or Zayn one next, what do you girls think?
Oh & do you guys love LWWY as much as I dooo? :)
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Hey girls, this is long, I know. But please, please, please read to the end.
You guys are beyond awesome. Like really, I love writing and seeing the comments and stuff. But, I might write in the future, I don't know. My chapter says 6m-1y, but it might be a smaller break then six months. I'm almost positive I want to take atleast a three month break from writing. The hate is unbearable(on reg quotes & story). My family issues have gotten bad. My sisters sick, and I don't know what it is yet. Alot other stuff has been happening. But you guys don't cause it, just rember that.
&You still have five more chapters and an epilogue with me! :)
&you can still contact me on this account or Hgirl, but I will not be writing after this story for a while, I think.
Well, see you next notification, I guess.
-Hgirl :)
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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New chapter. Feedback?
hgirl_story_account 1 decade ago
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Hey Readers,
Chapter's up. Feedback on the quote? &please read the bottom credits this time, if you don't already.
-Thanks, Hgirl :)