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I Am A Question To The World...

JK. I'm just finding peace in this wild ride known as life.

I live for pirates of the carribean an i am a huge deppaholic.
My name is.... A SECRET!  I have gotz blonde hair and gray eyes, just like the legendary Ms. Annabeth Chase, and I was named after a character in DRAGONLANCE.  I love magic and mythology. (all sorts) (and ninjas). Name a song, (any type) I've probably heard it. I am an insane misfit, it's my nature to rebel. I am a DUNGEONS &DRAGONS player (tabletop version). All I do is read. I love PERCY JACKSON!!!! harrypotter.  i love Jackie Chan, and i can play a lil guitar. And I love art too. (you should SEE my bedroom wall...) Oh and avatar the last air bender. and korra. I love prince Zuko/ Young Iroh!!!! His voice is sooooooo amazing.  I LOVE 2 SKATE..  I am disorganized...can you tell? but i hate messy-ness. weird right?  I am minnestota born and Irish,and proud of it all. I think that most asian guys are super adorable. I used to fancy myself  a philosopher..... but my  guy friend is better at it. ughh!  I'm too insaine to be a philosopher anyway.. PURPLE.
my music:
punk goes albums
Peirce the veil
Asking alexandria
Blink 182
celtic punk
all american rejects
keith urban
panic at the disco
martina mcbride
sleeping with sirens
various emo bands that my grandma would NOT approve of.....
scrillex (isthathowyouspellit??????)
and about a million others... everything under the sun.... i live for music of all kinds!

....OHHHH and i am a HUGE
merlin too.
AND, I Follow back :)

you can contact me at 

Quotes by Elementpurple13*

guys, i had myself blocked. from me.
I wish I could download or entire relationship into some super secure database and forget the password.
I AM FOREVER IN DEBT TO THE PEOPLE WHO SIT IN LABS AND FIGURE OUT NEW WAYS TO MAKE GUYS SMELL IRRESISTIBLE. Now which ingredient do the axe companies use to make me go weak at the knees?
When your parents are going through a divorce
yokeep you favorite pair of jeans in a bag
not a dresser
under the sink.
a plumber's status.

What would we do if we got caught along the way

Wandrin the streets and walkin the tracks

Streetlights and midnight stars guiding the way

I've never felt more alive

What you feel is what you are
And what you are is what you feel