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What ever happens happens.... Meh

My tumblr is emmythe-cat because if you want me I won't be here because witty pretty much really sucks compared to what it was ;D
I love listening to 30 seconds to Mars, The All American Rejects, Arcade Fire, AWOLNATION, The Beatles, Beck, The Black Keys, Broken Bells, Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal sevice, Everclear, Florence+ the Machine, Fun, Green Day, Iron&Wine, Jack Johnson, Jet, Led Zepplin, Lit, Matt & Kim, MGMT, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Neil Young, No Doubt, Oberhofer, OK Go, Paramore, Phantom Planet, Phish, Phoenix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Regina Spektor, Shinedown, Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens, The Temper Trap, Two Door Chinema club,Vampire Weekend, Viva Brother, Weezer, The White Stripes, Nirvana, Edward Sharpe and the MagneticZeros, The Smiths, Foster the People, Hellogoodbye, Electric Guest, The Band, Alexday, Ke$ha, The Strokes, Artic Monkeys, Band of Horses, Grouplove, Metric, Parachute, The Killers, Switch Foot (I love a lot of bands lol)Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence, NeverShoutNever, We The Kings, Boys Like Girls, Pierce of Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, All time low
 Hello! My name is Emily. I live in MA, I am a total Music nerd, I don't like nutella, i love climbing trees, swimming, dancing, singing, balloons, snow, books, wind, rain, long boards, movies, piano, clarinet, bass, guitar, art, seasons, sunshine, jingle bells, Christmas lights, sweatshirts, meaningful lyrics, mango's, jewelry,giraffes, Lord of The Rings, Percy Jackson, Maximum Ride, photography,cats, converse, sneakers, singing(wait I said that twice 0_o), and drawing :D I will always want to talk, I will talk to anyone about anything, because I love you <3


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Me: Thinks I did great on a test til I get it back
Some one tell me your story, just start from the begining and go 

Fall in love with someone who promises to make you laugh and yet still be there when you’re crying. Fall in love with the constant feeling of being anchored to someone who makes the crash of the waves bearable. That person you fall in love with will make you stronger emotionally.

Show your love that you love them. Make them waffles or pancakes in the morning, or the nighttime. Write them letter and texts. Fix their hoodie if it’s out of place. Give them CD mixes. Sing to them. Make them watch your favorite movies. Let them listen to your favorite songs and listen back. Read their favorite books. Knit them a scarf. Kiss them. Give them cookies. Cook for them. Take them to your favorite place. Tell them that you miss them. Tell them that you love them. Love them.

Be in love with something greater than the both of you that defies your supersitions. Be in the arms of someone you can call your lover. Be with someone that completes your heart. Someone that you want to tell all your daily events to. Fall in love and write down on your journal that “we made it through” knowing that there are more (good things) to come. 

But most of all, hold on to that love with clenched fist and a willing heart


That awful moment

When you're about to go to bed, but you realize you have homework

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                                                                Book 1 of 2013
                                                     Chapter 1

                                                The New Begining
I don't mind the weekdays.... I just don't like


There are, So many things I feel for you

That I don't feel for anyone else


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No seems to realize
that no one can make you happy,
but you.
It's alway's been your choice,
always will be
And at the end of the day you choose happieness

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Watching old, origonal movies like super man that are from 1978,
And laughing at it
Like it's a comedy
Because it's so old...... And really bad  <3