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Hello. Welcome to my page :)

You took the time to come to my profile, so I'm taking the
time to thank you. 

Facing a battle ? Fighting an impossible war?
Well guess what.
I am too.
So how about we fight this together ?

We can get through this. 

You never have to be alone.

So chin up beautiful, and outshine those demons with your smile.
Your beautiful.

- xoxo

Quotes by everybody_sins

 You want to be strong, and finish the fight.
But would you rather lose the battle or your life?
Another battle can be won.

But your life cannot be brought back, once it is gone..

Go to the mirror and take a good look at yourself.

Such a beautiful girl surrounded by such ugly hell.





A thousand may fall at my side
but god will always make me stand.


Everyone else is just tryna pick up the pieces.
Man, how can you touch so many f
.ucking lives and just leave us?
They say grievance has a way of affecting everyone different..



 Pretend you're happy& maybe one day you will be.

When I look in the mirror what do I see?
A girl who's been strong for too long.
Someone who's broken beyong repair.
Someone who just wants to be loved.
A child abuse survivor.
Someone who's lost, trying to find a purpose.
Someone who never had a childhood.
Someone who cries to sleep every single night.
Someone who's misunderstood, judged, hurt, made fun of,
confused, and alone on a daily basis.
The girl I'm hiding inside of me.

I respect all the quotes about stopping suicide.
I'm not trying to diss them, or hate on people.
I was suicidal once too.
But I'm pretty sure all these quotes that say
"Think about how many people it will hurt. Do you really
want to cause all those people pain?"
Wouldn't make any suicidal person feel better.
If anything, it might make them want to die more..
Instead of saying "Think of all the people you'll hurt."
say how much people love them.

People who are dealing with suicide are
not monsters or creatures.

They are human, they are somebody.
The world is a beautiful place &
we need to help each other realize that.

That's my opinion; to anyone who read this : Iloveyouu.

& I'm here if anybody needs/wants to talk about anything at all.
You never have to be alone. 


I may not be the best daughter.
I may not be the best sister.
I may not be the bestest friend.
I may not be the best student.
I may not be the best person alive.
But I do try my best everyday, all day.

& I'm sorry if that's not good enough for you.