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jessica.fifteen~love life. 
the three most important people in my life-
btp,010910<3; clc [the girl i am most jealous of]; cjn, my girl.
home is where the heart is#

Quotes by firefliie

If you gave someone your heart 
          and they died, did they take it with them?
    did you spend the rest of forever with a hole inside you that

                                       c o u l d n ' t   b e   f i l l e d ?

i want to tell you
just how perfect you are~

"Where I come from, having a dream doesn't make you smart.
Knowing it won't come true,
that does."
- Ryan Atwood, The OC

                     I started to think about what others thought of me,

compared myself to the girl in the magazine


            you don't have to be  underweight
to have an eating disorder. 

format by firefliie. 

no one is nice all the time.  
no one is mean all the time.
think about what someone's going through, 
that's making them be mean to you.           

day after day after day
it's the same s.h.i.t. 


I like to be gone most of the time,
and you like to be home most of the time.
If I stay in one place, I'll lose my mind.
I'm a pretty
impossible lady to be with.

When I go for a drive
                I like to pull off to the side of the road,  
               turn out the lights

             get out and look up at the sky

       and i do this to remind me that

I ' m   r e a l l y ,   r e a l l y   t i n y
in the grand scheme of things and sometimes this [ t e r r i f i e s ] me


 a   n   d     w   e  '  r   e

driving driving driving

 t   o     o   u   r 

graves graves graves