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Hey awesome person thanks for visiting my profile sooo here is some stuff about me ;)
My name is Florence but call me floss I love singing reading writing and reading.i also love Taylor swift and reading the stories you post here on witty. I am writing a story called heartbroken check it out. My favourite colour is purple and I'm British and proud of it :) also my birthday is on 29th April do I have any twins? I'm single and not looking 4 a boyfriend and I have never had one lol if you need a shoulder 2 cry on or just someone to chat 2 I'm here :) and please check out hiyaxxx's profile and idarly's profile cus there awesome that's it 4 now so cyyyya P.S: if you leave a comment on the way out I would live you 4ever :)

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Wow its the first time I've been on witty for over a year! Not sure weather to rejoin or not
i cant stand it anymore. no its not because of boys or friends. its my sisters. everyday, they bully me. they never leave me alone i hate them. I HATE THEM. sorry i had to get it out
my hand is a dolphin
october has officially started here in england!!!!
please be a good month xxxx
Okay if you're reading this then youre confuseled right? Well goose fair is coming its a huge fair that only ever comes to nottingham (where i live) and its awesome, and to top it all of there giving away free toffe apples at school yay......
okay i know my life is boring lol ❤
if youve read it plz fav so i can follow you xx
hey guys,
im bored so if you're writting or read(ing) a story (preferbly a fanfic) comment and ill fav your quotes follow you and comment on you're profile thanks xx ❤❤
I am 22% obsessed with my looks!

I own:
[] hair straightener
[] curling iron
[] mousse
[] hairspray
[] gel
[] other sprays
[] bobby pins
[x] hair clips
[] hair ties
[x] round barrel brush
[] blow dryer
[] mirror
[ ] I have dyed my hair
[ ] I have/had highlights

Eyes: I own
[] black eyeliner
[] other color eyeliner
[x] eye shadow
[x] mascara
[ ] fake eyelashes
[] eyelash curler
[ ] eye shimmer
[ ] contacts
[ ] stunna shades
[] eye makeup remover

Lips/Teeth: I own
[x] clear lip gloss
[x] red or pink lip gloss
[] lipstick
[] chap stick
[] lip plumper
[] electric toothbrush
[] teeth whitener
[] more than 15 lip glosses
[x] toothpaste

Complexion/Overall Face: I own
[] blush
[] moisturizer
[] face wash
[] bronzer
[] makeup remover
[] face wipes
[] powder
[] cover up
[] blotting papers

[x]nail polish/varnish
[x] filer
[] cuticle remover
[] nail hardener
[] nail brush
[] fake nails
[] nail scissors
[] special scissors to cut your nials

Now multiply your number by 2
Then repost as I am % obsessed with my looks

so yesterday i promised if i got ten or more faves id tell my crush i liked him (i got 50 thankyou!) and what happend today...
well i told him i liked him and asked him to be my bofriend
he'd said he'd think about it
he rejected me, he shouted it and every1 heard. Then my best friend fell over and got a bleeding lip. Then my friend hated me for no reason. Then my sisters ganged up on me. Then all my friends have no time for me.
if only fairy tales existed.
now im in my room crying.
8th Grade:) Boy: I Really Like You; Will You Please Go Out With Me...? Girl: Yes. Boy: What?!? Girl: Yes. Boy: YES! *Girl Starts To Fall For The Boy* *Exactly One Month Later* Girl's friend: I Think It`s Time You Two Broke Up.! Girl: Okay..{Secretly Doesn`t Want To But Is Too Afraid Her Friend Will Hate Her If She Says No.} Boy: Hey. Girl: Hi. Boy: How's it going? Girl: It's fine. Boy: What's wrong? Girl: I think we should break up.. Boy: What..? Girl: We should break up. Boy: Why..? Girl: It`s Just... We Never See Each Other Anymore/: Boy: I can change that. Girl: I've never met your family.. Boy: I can change that. Girl: I just don't feel that way for you anymore.. Boy: I wish I could change that. Girl: I'm sorry. Boy: I know. Girl: I Have To Go.. Boy: Thanks for trying.. {Next day:} Boy: Hey. Girl: I'm sorry.. Boy: No I'm happy we broke up I could tell we weren't going anywhere too. Girl: Okay.../; {Freshman year:} Girl: (Playing their song) I like him.I have since we first started dating,but I can't tell him;I can't tell anybody. {Sophomore year:} Boy: (Has A New Girlfriend) Girl: (Playing their song) I like him...I still do...but I can't tell him,I can't tell anybody. {Junior year:} Boy: (Him And His Girlfriend Break Upp) Girl: I Like You. I Always Have -&&- Always Will! Boy: I'm Sorry, I Like Someone Else. Girl: (Runs Away Cryingg.) {The next day:} Boy: (Finds a note in his locker) Note: I Told You I Like You, But I Was Wrong. I Meant I Love You; But You Don`t Love Me. I Wish I Could Change That. I`m Sorry For That Day Back In 8th Grade. I Really Didn`t Want To. I`m Gone Now, I`ve Been Sick For A While Now.. But The Time You Read This I`ll Be In The Hospital On Life Support. I Just Needed To Tell You Before I`m gone. I Love You♥ Don`t Forget That!!(: Boy: (Stares At The Paper For A Long Time And Runs Down The Hall, He Went To Her House, But She Wasn`t Home.) {The next day:} Boy: (Goes To The Hospital And Tells The Nurse Who He Wants To See) Nurse: It seems she checked out yesterday. Boy: She's better? Nurse: I'm afraid not. She had cancer and she passed away yesterday. I'm sorry. Boy: (stares at the floor, he runs out the door and down the street) {The Next Day, At Her Funeral!) Boy: (Asks to speak) Boy: A Few Days Ago I Received A Note From Her. (He Reads The Note) And I Wanted To Tell Her Before She Left That I Loved Her, I Love Her. I Loved Her For A Long Time; And There Is Nothing I Can Do Now.! -Nothing- All I Can Say Is I Love You, And Now Your Gone.... I Wish I Could Change That.! Boy: (Starts Crying And So Does Everyone Else.) ~ The Boy Ends Up Marrying Her Friend Who Told Her To Break Up With Him In The First Place. When He Found Out What She Had Done, He Killed Himself; To Be With The Girl He Really Loves!♥ He Was 28. Repost Or You Will Have Bad Luck In Love For 28 Years./: Repost And Somebody Will Tell You They "Love You" Tomorrow And You Will Get Good News Tonight At Midnight(: Repost If You Have A Heart And Want To Find A Cure For All Serious Diseases Including Cancer ♥ ♥ ♥
dear wittians,
so ive decided im going to tell him that i like him.
10+ faves ill tell you the outcome
wish me luck!