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Hi, my name is Kelsey
I'm an 18 year old music lover
I love writing and being crazy


Quotes by flyingbacon7

I miss my smile I used to get
From texts from you
I guess you moved on
And I'm still stuck on you
I just have to accept the fact that
He doesn't care
No matter how much I care about him
He doesn't care
I just have to accept that
And move on
During bad times
You discover who your true friends are
Everyday I have the
"Should I wear yoga pants or jeans?"  Debate
And most days yoga pants wins
Finding a new favorite song
And replaying it all day long
There are 2 type of people
People who sing in the shower
And people I don't need in my life
The worse thing about living without my parents
Is that when I'm sick
I have to take care of myself
And there is no one to make me chicken noodle soup
Like I just want to be 6 and young again and not have so many responsibilities 
I whispered "I love you"
As you walked away
I should have tried harder
Mabye then you would have stayed
Don't mind me
I'll just laugh loudly at my joke
Because I'm funny
And you don't seem to appreciate my humor
I'm not necessarily looking for a fairy tale ending
I'm just tired of "he cheated on me and broke my heart endings"
But I guess every heartbreak
Leads you closer to true love