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Hey! My names Hannah! I love to read all the time and write stories! You can always find me either on the computer, watching sappy romantic movies or listening to The Fray. I also play softball and love to be in plays. I am really energetic and I love to make new friends so talk to me! I joined witty to find inspiration and to laugh! Hopefully I can make you smile! Follow my best friend allie0605 shes the best!

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Pretty pepople have pretty friends its

ust how it works it sucks but its true


My Family's Conversations: 

me: "so me and my friends.."

sister: "you have friends?

format jimmy365


"oh i havent been weird around

you yet?"

"dont worry, I'll get to you"

format jimmy365

" I before E except after C"

*in school*
move out of my way
Me: clear the path peasants
Me: ew i hate you
Me: i dont wanna look at you
Me: when is this day over?
Mei dont wanna be here
Me: i am better than all of you
Me: oh cute shoes! i'm jealous so I hate you
Me: i'm tired
Me: i hate this place
Me: part like the red sea for your majesty

at the store: shoes are so comfy, can walk perfectly
at home: blisters, redness, shoes are a torture device 




f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5 

i bet the popcorn gets hot and embarresed so
it tries to escape by jumping around and suddenly it turns into something yummy for us to eat. yum

"Lost and insecure, you found me,
you found me, lying on the floor" 
~ The Fray: You Found Me


You're never too old to:
watch disney movies
eat with your hands
play with barbie dolls
climb a tree to the top
color with crayons
make silly faces
be afraid of everything
wear onesies/footsies
cuddle with your parents
believe in everything
go to random people and say hi
go crazy in public and be thought of as cute
live life each day as a time

So do it :)

f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5 


Me: I think I'm gonna go on a diet
Cake: haha no your not
Muffin: nope 
Chocolate: not a chance
Mom: "so are you gonna finish these cookies?"
Me"yupp" (to myself) i'll start next year