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Hey! My names Hannah! I love to read all the time and write stories! You can always find me either on the computer, watching sappy romantic movies or listening to The Fray. I also play softball and love to be in plays. I am really energetic and I love to make new friends so talk to me! I joined witty to find inspiration and to laugh! Hopefully I can make you smile! Follow my best friend allie0605 shes the best!

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Guess what witty!
It's my 14th birthday on sunday! Since it is a special holiday for the Jews this weekend I cant be on! Can I still maybe get 14 favs for the birthday girl? <3

Listening to your Taylor Swift playlist 
and you press shuffle and it plays all the
right songs that describe your mood
like it knows you

True Story:
This kid in my math class made a mistake on one of the problems so he said "nobodys perfect..." so all the girls start singing "nobodys perfect, i gotta work it" by Hannah Montana than later on my math teacher made a mistake on the handout, so I corrected her and she said "Well, nobodys perfect" and we all start cracking up that was possibly the best math class ever!

sorry just had to share that funny moment, even if it wasnt funny to all of you, you had to be there....

  Everyone Makes Mistakes
   Thats why:

      Pencils have erasers and

     Every other writing thing has white-out


When your home alone
the neighbors better be ready 
to listen to T-swift and one direction!.♥

Be the type of person 

you   would be  friends with and it will all be okay.


There is no such thing as perfect moments

only moments that you make perfect <3



There is
69 days
till my camp starts :P

"I want you. I want all of you, forever, me and you, everyday." 
- Noah Calhoun (7 years later)

The Goal In Life Is . . .
  Not to have someone love you

Not to love someone else

But to be able to love yourself

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