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Quotes by hailstorm37

confessionoa cutter #16
I'm falling back into terrible habbits.

confessionoa cutter #15
I just need to feel something

confessionoa cutter #14
I cant help but look at other peoples wrists to see if they cut too.

confessionoa cutter #13
I never thought i'd ever consider suicide. but then again i never thought id ever be ripping apart my skin every night.

confessionoa cutter #12
i find myself telling myself that everyone would be better off without me every day.

confessionoa cutter #11
Its nice to heal physicaly when you just cant seem to heal emotionally. 

confessionoa cutter #10
Its a lot easier to deal with physical pain than it is to deal with mental pain.

confessionoa cutter #9
I cant even remember what it was like to be happy

confessionoa cutter #8
I get tired of covering up my scars but then i get acused of looking for attention.

confessionoa cutter #7
I constantly feel like im at war with myself.