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im a fucker


Quotes by hannahhere

 "Stop looking at me like you want me because we both know you don't." 

As time goeo

you'll understand.

What lasts, lasts; 
what doesn't,doesn't.

Time solves most things.

And what time can't solve

You have to solve yourself.

I only missed you when I was drunk
and you only missed me when you were sober.
-maybe thats why we didn't work out.
None of us have time. 
Time has us

--What's Your Problem?
Who Knows? I havso many

Fave if youre still on this site.
*gets negative faves*
Is anyone going to lollapalooza?
Advice for Teenage Girls Like Me: 

1. Always take pictures of the sky when its pretty, it will probably never look like that again

2. Wear that skirt you like, even if your mom says it's too short

3. Take off the dark eyeliner and nail polish once in a while, you’ll feel lighter.

4. Chop off your hair if you want, it will grow back eventually.

5. Count the freckles on your arms and draw lines between them, your skin is like the night sky.

6.Sleep under six blankets with the fan on high in the middle of the winter, the sound is soothing.

7. Tell that boy to stop touching your thigh, even if it is flattering.

8. Say thank you and flash a smile when you’re sister says that you’re outfit is ugly.

9. Raise your hand when you know the answer, even if the class is all upperclassmen.

10. Read that book again, you’ll notice something you didn’t the first time

11. Don’t drink too much caffeine, you’ll get the jitters and bomb your math test.

12. Wear pencils behind your ears, it’s convenient.

13. Try to talk to people, it won’t kill you. 

14. When a cute boy tries to cheat off your test, write the wrong answers and change them later

15. It’s ok to feel happy, don’t let other peoples sadness make you feel bad.

The bad times make the good times better.
Funny how you can go from making someone come to being strangers.