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7th grade
boy: I like her and i want you to tell her for me.
boy's friend: ok

boys Friend: hey, he likes you, you want to go out?
Girl: um.. no. sorry.

8th grade:
boy: i like her and i want her to know..will you tell her.
boy's friend: sure

Boy's friend: he likes you and he wants to go out with you.
Girl: no i like someone else.

That Summer:
Boy: i like her and i want to tell her.

Boy: i like you and i want to go out with you.
Girl: no i just want to be friends.

few days later:
Girl: He likes me but i don't like him
Girls' friends: i don't think he will bother you again. i dare you to go out with next guy to ask you out.
Girl: ok

The next day:
Boy: i really like you will you please go out with me.
Girl: yes
boy: what?!
Girl: yes!
Girl starts to fall for the boy.

Exactly one month later:
Girls friend: i think its time you break up
Girl: ok.. (secretly doesn't want to but is too afraid her friend will hate her if she said no)
Boy: hey
Boy: hows it goin?
Girl: its fine.
Boy: whats wrong?
Girl: i think we should break up..
Boy: what..?
Girl: we should break up.
Boy: why...
Girl: its just.. we never see eachother any more
Boy: I can change that
Girl: I've never met your family
Boy: I can change that
Girl: I just don't feel that way for you anymore.
Boy: I wish i could change that.
Girl: I'm sorry.
Boy: i know.
Girl: i'm sorry.. i have to go.
Boy: thanks for trying.

The next day
Boy: Hey
Girl: I'm sorry
Boy: No i'm happy we broke up i could tell we weren't going anywhere too.
Girl: ok.

Girl: (playing their song) I like him.. i have since we first started dating. but i can't tell him, i can't tell anybody.

Boy has a new girlfriend
Girl: (playing their song) i like him.. i still do.. but i can't tell him. i can't tell anybody.

Junior year
Boy and his girlfriend broke up.
Girl: I like you. I always have and I always will.
Boy: I'm sorry i like someone else.
Girl runs away crying.

The next day the boy finds a note in his locker.
I told you i like you. but i was wrong. i ment I love you. But you don't love me. I wish i could change that. I'm sorry for that day back in 8th grade. I really didn't want to. I'm gone now, I've been sick for a while now. By the time you read this I'll be in the hospital on life support. I just needed to tell you before i go. I love you. Don't for get that.
Boy stares at the paper for a long time and runs down the hall. He went to her house. but she wasn't home.

The next day:
Boy goes to the hospital and tells the nurse who he wants to see.
Nurse: it seems she checked out yesterday.
Boy: She's better?
Nurse: I'm afraid not. she had cancer and she passed away, yesterday. I'm sorry.
the boy stares at the floor, he runs out the door and down the street.

The next day:
At her Funeral
The boy asks to speak.
Boy: A few days before i received a note from her. (he reads the note.) and i wanted to tell her before she left that I loved her, i love her. i loved her for a long time. and there is nothing i can do now. nothing. all i can say is i love you and now your gone.. I wish i could change that. The Boy starts crying and so does everyone else.

The Boy ends up marrying her friend that told her to break up with him. When he found that out that she did that, he killed himself to be with The Girl. He was 28.
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