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no freedom til we're equal
damn right i support it.

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and then I had

and it hurt.

goodbye witty. Thanks for everything.

this will be my last quote.

btw im not commiting suicide or anything Im just leaving. 

just because I dont have cuts on my wrists.
doesnt mean i dont understand what pain is.

im jelouothe people
who are confident enough to go out in public
 wearing something that isn't exactly what a typical 

teenager would wear.
because they dont care if people  judge them.
they're not afraid of being themselves.

the world would have so much more

if there was more people like them.


                                    " come here
                                                                                     " why?"
                                 " just come here"

                                                                                     " no, you're gonna hurt me."

When I die
I want to be buried with
sunglasses and have my hands
behind my head, so when I deteriorate
I will be the chillest skeleton ever.


if only 
burned calories.

If you think I'm purposely ignoring you
I probably am.
* me at night * : I'm going to start working on my sixpack tomorrow.

*me in the morning*: How many cinnamon rolls can I fit in my mouth.

teacher : now copy down these notes
                while I stand in front of them.

I do not understand how
my room can be so messy when I literally sit in one spot with my laptop all day.