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i'm sixteen.
my hobbies include reading, sleeping, eating chocolate pudding, playing basketball,
and falling in love with a bunch of foreign losers (such as the one shown above).
my music taste varies from fall out boy, keaton henson, one direction,
blink-182, ed sheeran, five seconds of summer, and ben howard.
i post a lot of personal stuff and too many plenty of song lyrics.
hope you enjoy cuties! 

Quotes by fragile*

the fault is not in our stars,
but in 
william shakespeare

i lit up like a 
christmas tree,
hazel grace.

T H E  O N L Y  W A Y  O U T  O F  T H E
labyrinth of suffering
I S  T O  F O R G I V E.
john green // looking for alaska

you'll find loss and you'll fear what you found.

you are what you love,
   not who loves you //
everyone is equal.
it doesn't matter your race, gender, sexuality, age, education, or disabilities.
as humans, we are all equal.
no exceptions.

i miss my boyfriend.
he's always on tour,
or in rehersals,
or doing interviews where he denies our relationship,
or pretending i don't exist
lol he's so silly


we accept the love we think we deserve.
i find your lips so kissable
and your kiss so unmissable
your fingertips so touchable
and your eyes
single bells single bells single all the way