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My name is Emily
My favourite colour is purple
My favourite number is 2
My birthday is 11th August.
I'm taken by a guy called Bruce
Hey my name is Maddy
My favourite colour is blue
My favourite number is 4
My favourite words are "giddy aunt"
My birthday is 4th April
I am finally taken by a guy called harris :*

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When you have the perfect boyfriend who calls you perfect and the best girlfriend in the world. A boy who also send you cute texts telling you that he will always love you for who you are...
when you and a friend hashtag everything
Our parents say eating carrots is good for us because it helps us see in the dark.
Well arent we supposed to be sleeping when its dark?
"I can hear the fat kid running. I bet its hilarious"
"Somewhere out there, there are four terrible fathers I wish I could thanks for this great night"
The annoying moment when you walk into a room and you cant remeber why!
Religious Studies actually stands for Rubbish Subject
Dad: Dont eat that ice-cream too quickly or you'll get brain freeze...
Sister: Okay
Dad: ...But you dont have a problem with that
Sister: Why?
Wrapping awkwardly

shaped presents

Rapping awkwardly

shaped presents