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NEVER grow up.
14. Socially awkward. SoCal Fanmily, directioner4lyfe, BELIEBER, JaNosKianTor, Potterhead, Swiftie.
Kurt Schneider is a genius. 
Sam Tsui and Max Schneider are amazing. Nathan Sykes is awkwardly adorkable. Liam Payne and Jai Brooks are too adorable for words. Luke Brooks is (almost) perfect. I like food and I like to read c: I also like the fray & the script & rascal flatts & boys like girls & i like lots of things ohk! :$

I absolutely love Draco Malfoy. 
If you wanna know why, you can ask c:
And if anyone wants to talk Harry Potter with me..? :D

Love me or hate me. U choose.
Cuz haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, tomatoes gonna tomate, and dogs are gonna bark.
But remember this, Longbottom, if brains were gold, you'd be poorer than Weasley and that's saying something. 

#swag LOL KBYE.
I follow back :D


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lovecrazy 1 decade ago
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No problem (:
lovecrazy 1 decade ago
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Hey, thanks for the follow! :)
wittyquotesgurl 1 decade ago
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thanks for following, followed back! (:
δΌ€* 1 decade ago
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i'm so messed up lol
i don't know who's line it is.
letsdanceinStyles 1 decade ago
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oops :]x
my bad.