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Quotes by hiimhi

Instead of publicly shaming girls for wearing shorts when it is hot out,
maybe we should teach boys not to over sexualize normal female body parts.
                         Wow, amazing!
                         You can like a person whose opinions are different than yours!
If you laugh at jokes about raping people I will laugh at my fist punching your throat
\\because sure it’s violent and demeaning// 
but I think it’s funny so why aren’t you laughing get off the floor and stop whining
I am trying to assert that my desire to make a joke out of your traumatic experience
\\is more important than your pain//
it’s called Freedom of Speech read a book.
Do people actually say pop instead of soda?
"Why can't I be thin?"
I whisper as I eat the 5th cookie.
If you still use "it's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" as an argument against gay marriage
you need to Adam and Leave
And if you can't see anything beautiful about yourself
 \\get a better mirror. //
Look a little closer, just stare a little longer,
because there's something inside you that made you keep going
despite everyone who told you to quit.
-Shane Koyczan
Why would you rather see 2 men holding guns
than too man holding hands?
If you repeat a lie often enough,
it becomes the truth politics.
"What are you like?"
Possibly the hardest question ever.