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Quotes by hilife

Children of the beast embrace,
To scorn and hate the human race,
Consume the light that hugs the earth,
And aid the womb in giving birth,
To a group that will appear,
And guide you through this final year,
The dark armies then will come,
When the sum is 41.
My Perfect Guy..
Is someone who shares the same
deep pitted hatred of
most things and most

Someone who loves Fall
out boy as much
as I do.

Someone who loves gory
horror films.

Someone who loves me 
and would never question
  it or so much
as bother look at
another human being the 
same way they look
at me.

I think of all the little things we did.

like when i would crawl into bed with you and cuddle up
to you. like when we would press our foreheads together and we would both have one starnge large eyeball. like when we would just spend a day cuddling on the couch watching tv snd nothing else. like when you would cook me grilled cheese sandwhiches. like when you would kiss my forehead just because you knew i loved it.

i think of all these things offten and just the thought of it brings me to tears because i miss it so bad.

like tonight it seems i should still be there with you crawling into bed with you at this very moment cuddling up to you.

-Love You .