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 I see you've gotten to my page.
My names Ashlie, going on 8th grade, 13 years old(: I live in a small town in Massachusetts.
Sports & bestfriends/sisters/boyfriend are my lfie. Hockey & Softball<3
I hope you like my quotes, you follow, I will follow you back I promise :)

boston bitches<3;*

4.15.11(:  i love you<3
 Well, I have some best friends here on witty.
follow them?
thanks so much if you read everything<3
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Quotes by hockeyjones17

Those cute and sweet
Guy best friends that you can tell everything, completely trust them, but also say the cutest things to make you smile.



When I'm crying, and someone hugs me it makes me 
 cry even more.


 Hey, do me a favor?

          Press the 
♥ button,

                Then press ctrl W,
             and laugh.

not my format.


You know you were a

90's kid if you watched

The show called

Zaboomafoo, the lemur who

reaches Animal Junction and gets

snacks from the Kraft brothers.




 I always wanted to be that

type of person who didn't care

about what people think.

Bt will
 But  I  Guess I'm not.

-Harry Styles

Fan: I love you.
Niall: No! I love you!

That Pointless
Arrow we all draw at the bottom of the page telling the teacher to flip it over.

See that girl? Right there in your screen? She's beautiful.


 My  fans tell my I'm

beautiful, but no one will

ever be as beautiful as


-Niall Horan

Format by Sandrasaurus


 Show her off to the world.

Let other people know that shes yours & will be for a long time. Reassure her that she'll be treated the same way as when she's alone with you. Girls hate when they are treated differently, just because you guys are surrounded by different people. Trust me, she'll like that. Give her piggy back rides, hold her hand, kiss her in public, carry her. Anything that'll prove shes yours to others. It'll show her that you aren't ashamed or embarrassed to be with her & show your love. And let me tell you...  It'll mean everything to her to be with someone who is proud to have her.