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i am in a parallel universe 
earth is too mainstream

Quotes by honeyblood5

If B*tches could fly
my school would be an airport.
If you like water,
you are going to LOVE
70% of me.
If you like water,
you are going to LOVE
70% of me.
Im afraid
-the dark
-being alone
open spaces
closed spaces
-my dreams
-what happeneds when im asleep

I even have panic attacks when it

but worst of all, Im afraid to trust.
one year on witty an not a single witty friend
well done me, well done.
The Secret of the Wings
chapter 1

part 1

As I woke It wasn’t like movies, no, I was just me. No-one in sight. Wait what happened? Where am I? Suddenly all these questions flooded my head. I sat up to see if there were any answers. My vision was fuzzy, as I stood it cleared. I could see meadow and trees. My head throbbed as I turned to see a sign by a road desperately trying to remember, the pain grew screaming, I fell to my knees. Hands wrapped around my head.
I walked towards the road, to read the sign. I looked up. “Read..... Common read.” no hope. I thought. I put my hands into the pockets of my shorts, my hand hit something. I pulled out a marker. Without hesitation I copied down the words and letters from the sign onto my arm, ignoring the white scars along it.

3 miles, Silverton.

Something clicked in my head and I refused to follow on with the feeling to avoid the pain. I had a tingling feeling in between my shoulder blades “no” it said “remember!” so I did; I have no reason to trust this. But what else am I meant to do? As thoughts lined up in my head things fell into place, I suddenly could make sense of the jumble of words in front of me. My mind wasn’t finished yet and the pain was greater than ever. Past the pain I couldn’t get through to the memories it was retrieving for me. I need to stop remembering. Just stop.
The grass was soft and cool compared to the road I was walking along. Cars drove past, the people inside ignoring me completely. A jogger knocked me down.
“invisible, I feel so invisible...”

A man started to walk next to me and heard what I said “you’re not invisible, people can see you. They just don’t believe that your here. You when through a lot you know?! People think it’s impossible for you to be alive!”
“Wait what!” my voice wobbled, but he had gone. The questions... so many! How will I be able to-where? How? Why? Oh god. No. “my head, AHHHH” I fell to the ground, the pain unbearable. I fainted. And everything faded the pain the light it felt amazing.

I long while later I woke up looking up at the stars. They are so beautiful. “Okay” I thought “it’s night so it won’t be so bad if I faint again, I’ll find my limits on what I can remember”
Nothing before yesterday or I swear I’ll die from the pain everything else is fine. Happiness filled me as I saw the lights of the small town. “good, someone will know me there right?”
I ran. I need answers, I need to know what had happened to me. I need to be told in detail.
I need to stop remembering.

Hi there it’s honeyblood! I have been wanting to write this story for I while and I really want some support!
Also I need and editor and some character names luckily I won’t need any until chapter 2 .
These are the characters that need names. Comment names.

1.      Main character: Stella andre
2.      best friend (girl): Hannah Anderson
3.      crush: (oh gosh need help with guy names!)
4.      wizard (can be guy or girl): i got nothing for this one too
also please comment any other good names as I’m sure I’ll need them. Thx. <3
So today i found out that girls expectations are too high in relationships girls want stuff that costs alot now days
from shose to houses and cars.

meanwhile in my room....
me: if i had a boyfriend all i would ask for is $5 for a skin on league of legends
i'd be such an easy girlfriend.

too bad all the boys here are total d!cks.

Why do I feel like a fallen angel?
An outcast, separate.
My wings are Broken, I can’t fly onwards
I am stuck on the ground. left to wonder.
They say to spread your wings and fly but I only fall to a new low
I am built on lies to cover my shame.
No one understands what it takes to be me.
Girl at school: Just grow up!
*le me sleeping*
me: i feel so lonely...
me:*Grabs teddy bear*
Talia Castellano
you didn't lose, you just kept swimming... In a different ocean