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Hey Beautiful!
Im Erin, i get called some random shizz though like dimples x] Music is my healer- I listen to Owl City, He is We,Sleeping with sirens, JLS, Ed SHeeran,One Direction, Nicki Minaj, Rizzle Kicks,Stooshe,Avril Lavigne,Christina Perri,Conor maynard, Little mix,Maroon 5 and coldplay :} but i like anything really x] Jessie J inspires me <3 I love Josh Hutcherson and tom daley, they're my husbands but im also married to Jack and Finn Harries x] Im a frickin' flirt <33 so beware if your sexxaay!

proud to be british!
why are you so cute josh, i agree with everything c:

nialls voice in 'more than this' is s£x to my ears x]

music is my drug, itunes is the dealer.

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thank you for reading my hack ~ Lance
ok, Erin is amazing. She is a really nice genuine, kind, caring,
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Yes, yes you are is the answer. What are you doing still reading this?
I told you to go follow her! ok, if you dont follow her now she will eat you
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My reaction to the hacks- They are beautiful, i love you guys too much its unbelievable, thank you for everthing, im speechless, you guys are my everything <3

when my laptop is connected to the internet:


My friends. sorry if i missed anyone!
misskheia- 3 words- Iloveyou!
shortyismygirl- Lance, your amazing and sweet, thanks for everything , Love you c:<333
btwalfie- Your hilarious and i love ya! :}
lucasblackthorn- if you have left witty i told you what i would do :[ i miss talking :[
ginger08063- I dont even need to say anything <3
oursong- hi! x]
k-Nick i hope your okay <3 xoxo
joshdawg16- Hey i just met you, i cant stop gazing,cos your so sweet and your hairs amazing! made that up myself! i have just got to say im a legend for that x]
CORKKY- - i dont know you really well but your a nice guy.
moitionlessdreams- Thanks for forgiving me, we need to catch up ;]

 and all these things are true down below


Quotes by huiuhuuh

 That awkward


when your friend asks you to come to

the bathroom with her and she starts

peeing really loudly.


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each day we go to bed,
we have no reassurance
to get up alive the next
morning but still
plan the future.
Thats hope.
a popular guy
had many secrets
but his girlfriend
was the only person
that knew every one
because he knew she wouldnt
tell a single soul.
thats trust.
A shy girl did only what
her friends would do. A talent
show was on at school and there
was that little girl with her
hand raised high to autidition
and when the day came, she won.
thats confidence. 
''Have hope, trust and confidence.'' 

That awkward moment

when Neville Longbottom becomes the hottest male character from Harry Potter.




If you can dream it


you can do it


~Walt Disney.


Stranger: Do you know why firetrucks are red?
You: Nope
Stranger: well, firetrucks have... 4 wheels, and 8 people on firetrucks.
Stranger: 4+8=12.
Stranger: there are 12 inches in a ruler.
Stranger: Queen Elizabeth was a ruler.
Stranger: there was also a ship named after Queen Elizabeth.
Stranger: the ship sailed the seas, and seas have fish.
Stranger: the fish have fins.
Stranger: people from Finland are also called fins.
Stranger: Finland and Russia were in a war a long time ago.
Stranger: Russians are red.
Stranger: and firetrucks are always Russian around.
You: Cool story bro.
mom: *Spends the first part of my life teaching me how to walk and talk.*

mom: Shut up and sit down.

me:WTF, MOM?!? Total waste of time.


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 ^ lol, Bad Steve.
Guys, Please.
Fighting about Nutella? what has the world come to (-_-)

Goodbye old WittyProfiles.
You will be missed,but lets say hello to BetaWittyProfiles. I loved the layout of Witty and now it is all changed. Please Steve, keep the old witty, it is such a great website.Lots of people have noticed some problems on BetaWitty and would rather have this witty the way it is.Tommorow everything will look different and may be a little weird.
Please () this if you like witty the way it is.


Make sure your skin is ready for makeup by,um slapping it ~ Jenna Marbles.