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jerrrsseeeyyyyy :*
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 forever and always, i love you<3. 

 you should add dare_you_to_move because she's adorable(; , fun to talk to (sort of), & i love herrr<3! 

Status: all i want for christmas iss youuuuuuu

soccerrr is literally my everythinggg<3.
i love brooke sosososososososoo much :*

talk to me(:

i blame brianamae for getting me hooked on this site... go follow her NOW(; kbyeee!

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Quotes by i_am_just_a_normal_girl

Keep your head high gorgeous...
Those [ b i t c h e s ] would kill to see you fall.

not my formattttt!

This long distance relationship
is   not   working
F  r   i  d  g  e, w    e    l    c   o   m   e      t   o      m   y       r  o   o   m.   
not my format(:

all  i  want  for  christmas
 is you
<< to get hit by a reindeer >>



friend are like condoms

they protect you when things get hard



once you love someone, even after you move on

it will always hurt to see them with someone else.


I feel as though

is my only friend


  that sad moment
                        when you feel you and your best friend drifting apart


It's easier to name
all the reasons to cut
as oppose to all the reasons
to stop.