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I'm sorry,
    I forgot I only exist
when I need something.
Please read?
Hey there Beautiful! Today i bet you saw a bunch of girls you looked like, guys you had, and clothes you wish you were wearing. Well guess what? You shold forget about the girls,boys, and the clothes because you are so beautiful and amazing. You probably don't believe me but it's true I promise. You will find someone out there that loves you for you. Your clothes, there fine don't worry. Go look in the mirror, take some pictures, go for a walk? Let people see how beautiful you are. Heartbroken? Go listen to some depressing songs and cry, cry alot. Cry so much that you would be able to fill a pool with your tears. Then when your done crying go swimming, You'll be happy I promise. Sing and dance as much as you want. Hang out with your friends and have a great time. Cherish the moments you have with family and friends. Live life to the fullest and don't regret anything. Oh... one last thing... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.
Someone please tell me why things are like this...
The day you texted me... my heart dropped.
  I havne't talked to you in 5 months and I'm still deeply inlove with you after 2 years.
To do list:
1) Wake up.
2)Miss you<3
  What's so wrong with me?
Be kind
For Everyone you meet 
Hard Battle.
Why do I miss you?
Why are all of a sudden coming back into my mind?
Why is this happening...

I feel like I am walking on air.

I wished for you to come back from Heaven.
 But I guess all dreams don't come true.

~I love you daddy<3 R. I. P~