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hey guys.. its me!
feel free to read my quotes and tell me if you like them! you can ask me anything anytime and also im always here for advice! i love sports, shopping, and being a girl. follow for a follow mah hoomiess!
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Quotes by idocartwheels

for those of you who complain about your period

there are people who are not even able to get it, which means they cant even have their own kids one day.

appreciate these things even if right now it doesnt make you happy, one day when you have the ability to make children you will be.

your welcome
Never forget what a person says to you when theyre angry,

Thats when they are the most honest. 



so im going to do what a couple people have done..
i will be making a big poster writing everybodys wittyprofiles usernames on it
and i will post a link with a picture of it and send it to steves email
so if you can make this easier for me, please comment a color and i will write down your username in that color on my poster..

 should be donsooeverybody!

it's in the stars

it's been written in the scars on our hearts

that we're not broken just bent

nd we  can

learto love again.

Comes home from school.
Cries until no more tears come out.
 "Why can't he just be mine?" She thinks to herself.
"I love him more than anything. Why do we just have to be friends?"
Guess it will just be another night of me crying myself to sleep.
she writes in her diary.



Comes home from school.
Locks himself in his room.
Sits on his bed,Crying for hours.
Asking himself "Why doesn't she love me?"
Thinking to himself what he could of doing to make it work.
Guess it will just be another night dreaming of her until I see her again tomorow.
he writes in his journal.
f o r m a t    j i m m y 3 6 5

Don't know what to write
but wanting to use this format.  


"Why is this potato smiling?"
"Grandma, thats a picture of me."


speak english

kiss french

drive german

dress italian

party carribean

Lol So True: #1743

There is just no angry way to say "bubbles"


Theres always that one person
catching you doing something weird