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  i discovered witty on june 4th, 2010 from my friend who was looking for statuses to 
put on facebook. she found this website and told me how great it was.
back then, top quotes had a max of about 300-400 faves. i was lucky to have 8.
most of us weren't in high school, us 6th, 7th, or 8th graders. at the time i was in 7th grade, going
into 8th. 13 years old, "in love" with a player who didn't care about her. this website was
the best friend that DITCHED ME, the parents that were always busy, the people that guided
me to do the right thing. after all day at the pool, hanging out with friends or him at the carnival,
i came to witty. witty wasn't my second home, or friend, it was my home. my BEST friend.
i will thank steve for making this website- but most of all, the girls that made the quotes
that pretty much saved my life. as i grew up, witty grew larger and larger, going through
"awkward moment" stages, "text format" stages, and the top quote faves getting higher and higher.
next thing i knew, a top quote had 3000+ faves. it brought a smile to my heart that so many
girls were finding witty as an escape. you see, i'm not "witty famous" or get "top quotes"
i'm just one of the girls who were there when witty helped me the most, and every single quote
i wrote was real and 101% feelings. i loved witty. and i still do. this isn't another quote saying
"witty changed" but it is a quote saying the best times i had were on witty. on here, i grew
up with the same girls that don't go on witty anymore. the same ones that used witty
as their middle school escape. us girls used witty as our everything, and we thank
all of the girls behind the quotes for that.
today, i'm a freshman in highschool, and it's the first time
i've been on witty in a while.  i can finally say, witty made. me. grow. up.
and any girls using it now, it will help you, and a permanent mark in your heart.
wittian forever, <3

& the best things in life 

aren't things

This past summer.

a guy who i was friends with texted me every day. we started talking.. turns out he kinda liked me but i didn't like him.
school came. & we stopped talking, but had 1 class together. i started liking him.. but he doesn't like  me at all. he sometimes flirts with me, but not as half as much as he did before. i don't understand. in summer i was bigger and not as pretty..but i felt like i was myself. now i'm skinny and prettier, but i feel like i have changed and i HATE IT. i would do ANYTHING to get the old me back, i just really don't. know. how.


Iwhat happened to summer when you texted me ever night..

i didn't give a care in the world if you liked me..  
but then september came and the texts stopped.
i started liking you..
               i guess it's too late.                 

but i don't care as long as we're together :) bn


drop everything now. 
meet me in the pouring rain♥
kiss me on the sidewalk
take away the pain ;

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it only took 300 faves to get on top quotes.<3