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Welcome all Nigglet Titty Suckers.

.Flush the toliet for Narnia!

  Howdy c;

We like to shake our asses.

Welcome to P-Hizzle and Kat's collab account!
We swear we aren't 69 year old
men looking to rape you.
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Aloha fuckers! I'll go by Kat cuz I lyk kitties. I like to shake my bootie to Sleeping with Sirens and violently chew on my headphone cord. Obvi, I lyk it in da butt. Watching reruns of Lazy Town while daydreaming about Ricky Ulman and Danny Phantom is mah lif3. I randomly talk stupid so0o b3 pr3p@r3d!!1! Gifs basically describe my life and I call everyone a fucker include Virgin Mary, fucker. Jesus is mah lover and we have a kid named Poop. Nothing is too sexual and acting like a homo in front of everyone is basically what I want to do for a living.  I randomly burst out into song and can play a few chords on the gee-tair. Life would be incomplete without microwavable meals and toilet paper. CURLS! I absolutely lalalalove Gee Way but  I also love everyone so, I FUCKING LOVE YOU BITCH! Unless you're homophobic, I hate you. Take offense.  I sign everything with (xo.~). Cheers fuckers! xo.~
Hey hommos. You have the privalege to call me P-Hizzle. Well I enjoy rocking out with my cock out and peeing on orphans. I slow dance to dubstep and fist pump at operas. "Gotta live hardcore to be hardcore" -My favorite quote by Liam Payne. Oh yeah that's right, I fucking love One Direction and I'm not afraid to admit it. Just to warn you I am a raging asshole. My dream is to fulfil my career as a whore, because I get called one on a daily basis duh kklwfsjjik. Oh yeah, I type with random letters to express my emotions, gikjedojigwqajijgersjdjis. I also use large numbers to over exagerate. For example, "this is 3859021% true" or "i've seen this 120230 times." Some things that cause me joy are mcnuggets, harry styles's nipples, having sex while upside down, moosic, cow utters, and things that make farting noises. To know it's me, I'll sign off with xoxo txt it. Alright bye xoxo txt it ~

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I stole my brothers little dinosaur toy and named him Jeremy. 

Who wants to be the aunt/uncle? lol.

What if we pooped through our mouths?
Random thought to ponder and be repulsed by.
Enjoy. xo~

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                                                                             how are all yall stanky penises today
                                                                                          xoxo txt it~