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loving someone

who doesnt love you back is like waiting for a ship at the airport.
I honestly don't know anymore. I could break down crying right here right now, see this smile on my face, hear the laughter? Its fake. Its all an act to make you think im okay and that im fine but the  truth is i've been strong for too long and now im breaking down.

I Fly Like Paper..........
get high like planes.

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confession 5; i'm getting extremely frustrated when i try to submit a confession and that stupid red bar appears and is all ' woah slow down my friend' like submit my quote. hahaha
confession 4; i miss him, i really do. i wonder if he misses me too. i fight back the urge to text him, or chat him on facebook because i know that if he wants to talk to me he will. its been almost 2 months since we had a normal conversation like we used to. we used to talk everyday. yeah, we fought like a married couple but we'd be okay in the end, we would make up and we would go right back to our normal selves. i might have screwed up. ALOT. but that is in the past and it gona, over with, finished. i want him back, He was my bestfriend and i don't know what im doing without him. sorry i just really needed to get that out...
confession numero tres; i think drakes quotes are so inspiring <333
confession number two; Bruins, Patriots, and Red Sox all the way. <3
Confession nummbbaa one; i have had a guy stolen from me twice. cheated on once. and lost my best guy friend more times than i can count.
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for confessions ((;

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and just when i thought i couldnt cry anymore.

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