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Hi, Emily I dont care what you think of me, unless you think i am awesome. In which case, you're right.

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So, i  an going to write a stroy on witty. I always start and then stop.. i get lazy
its now a goal to finsih a entire story. Anyway, i will give you (Witty)
2 days to decide. 
Finish One of these stories 
"One Word Can Change a Whole Life" -


"He stopped loving her today" - 
"She stopped loving him today"-
^ this story is a story with the boys and girls point of view. 

Or I write a brand new one about something like bullying, disease, cancer, etc.

I probably will do them all, but Witty, what do  do first. 

You have until Thursday 3 pm.... GO!

 Dont Judge me....

But does anyone know the code for the one direction conert sweepstakes? 
Happy 4th of july to everyone.
Especially to the soldiers fighting to keep our freedom
God bless you. 
I wish I could teleport to you

I just want to freakn teleport. 
I wonder what it feels like to be one of those pretty girls that all the guys want. 

A unicorn. 
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One Direction won best album and best song..... 

He Stopped Loving Her Today  

Courtney's P.O.V 
I was 14. Aka. Freshman
I was the defensive specialist for the Freshman  team, coached by the amazing Garth
I had blonde hair . My eyes have 4 different colors in them.
A blue ring, with green in the center, with yellow specks, and a gray wring around the pupil.
I hated my 7th period English class.
My teacher was super annoying with a peppy girl voice.
And everyone in the class was very stupid. Except for my friend Sally.
So I was always in Garth’s class before  7th , since her class was right next to mine.
One day this senior came up to me with the most beautiful eyes. “You’re always in here, I’m giving you a high five everyday from now on. And we’re gonna be friends.” He said as he raised his hand makin me jump to high five him. “Fine. Bye Garth. Goodbye senior bff.”  I flashed him smile and walked out of the room.
About a month later he walked in and we were yelled at for still not knowing each others names. I looked down and blushed. He was beautiful. But I was still hooked on Max. I’ve known him since kindergarten and last year we started “sexting” as you could say. I didn’t want him, I just liked him so much and he knew that.
I was disrupted from my thoughts as he spoke.
“I’m Troy”

So the reason this is longer is because its my point of view?
And this part did actually happen. He is a senior. 
Thanks :)