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Hi. We're annoying.
We find what's wrong with your quote. And call you out on it.
We don't care about our mistakes. Just yours.
We point them out in the sassiest way we can ;)
Just for you.
You can block us if you want. We just want to correct your grammatical and spelling errors ;)
Think of us as your PERSONAL spell check ;)
Because it's our destiny to annoy YOU.
Don't take it personally, we do it to everyone.
Shout-out to our #1 fan, ThisiswhyimboredXP. You keep us entertained. You go...girl?
Thanks for giving us a shout-out back! We greatly appreciate it.
Oh, by the way, just to let you know, it doesn't bother us when you try to be annoying back. We find it funny. Keep doing it (; It gives US more opportunities to annoy YOU!
MESSAGE TO "CUTECREW1234": It's funny how you blocked us, yet you're still writing on our page. And no, we wouldn't consider ourselves ugly...the blonde one who's 5'11" is a model, and the brunette is just as gorgeous. Just for the record. :)
"Hate all you want, but you can't break the girls who think nothing of you."
Thanks for keeping us entertained! Good to know we've accomplished our goal- annoying you! (: Keep up the good work!
Shout out to IxLovexStevex: That's the purpose.  See our name? We're annoying! Thank you for noticing! :)
We're just really sorry that you had to block us, you did have some good quotes though.  I'll give credit where credit is due.
Don't believe us that the blonde's a model? Well here's some of her modeling:



And here is the brunette, just for the hell of it (;

imannoying's Favorite Quotes

‎*leasing to I can Transform Ya*
*Me thinking*
Chris brown: I can Transform Ya
Me: You sure´╗┐ did transform rihanna's face...:D
This quote does not exist.

I love when
I read a really long quote, and at the end it says, 
"if you read this whole thing, THANK YOU"
And I just sit there like,
"You're welcome.. you are welcome."


you really don't deserve me..

So what we get drunk
So what we smoke weed!
Were just having fun
we don't care who sees!.....
mom sees then were

I'm so romantic sometimes;

i think i should marry myself.



This quote does not exist.

Grammar Nazis

are annoying!


how do you not realize how annoying you are?



 I am a math terrorist with close ties to Al-gebra.
I have weapons of math instruction!