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Count my cards, watch them fall, blood on a marble wall ♡ hi i'm allison and i don't really come on here anymore. 21, kinesiology major, unsure of my future :~)

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Well, darlin', I'm just tryin' to tell ya
That there's always been a rainbow hangin' over your head




(Adj.) wandering alone


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mind your own biscuits
and life will be gravy.
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I had a dream about
a burning house
I couldn't get you out
I laid beside you and pulled you close,
And the two of us went
up in smoke.
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my friends said I should move on. so I did. I thought I could go on a date and forget about you. I couldn't.

is this what heartbreak feels like?

it's an entirely unavoidable feeling in the pit of your stomach, it's like someone is ripping my heart out and twisting, like a knife in my back.

it makes you question who you are: did i try too hard to seem likeable? did i not try enough? does it scare you that i'm smart? or do i seem ditzy? Am I not pretty enough? Do I have to wear too much makeup? Or do I not wear enough? Do I dress like a slob, or do you wish I dressed in sweats more often? I think of you when I'm getting ready, whether or not I look "good enough", whether or not YOU'll like me. Its clear now that you don't, I just wish you would have told me. 

I wouldn't have spent the past 7 months pretending to be a "cool girl", dressing in "cool" clothes, doing my makeup like all the "cool girls" do. 

Ive been so gone for you, you know. do you catch me staring? Im sorry if you do, I thought I saw you staring too but maybe it was at a poster behind me, or at one of my friends. I understand.

i told myself to move on months ago, that you weren't interested. And I did. I dated other guys, but every time I would think about you, about how I'd rather be watching a movie with you, how I'd rather watch soccer and talk sports with you. I bet you didn't know how we like the same sports, but I do. We have more in common than you think, but it's too late now.

heres the thing: I can date other guys, but every fcking time, it'll come back to you.

this is what heartbreak feels like.



thank you, witty. I haven't logged on in over two weeks and it's become clear to me that today is my time to move on. I joined witty back in 2011 and have met some of the nicest people possible (I'll thank you later). But today, as a junior in high school, I've finally reached what I came on Witty to achieve: happiness. At this point in my life, witty only distracts me from school work and personal life and I simply have no more time to log on. I want to thank some of my true friends on here, whether they're active or not. I'd first like to thank Meagan (lovecrazy), who was one of my first friends on here. She left a bout two years ago, but she made such a lasting impression to not be afraid of who you truly are, and for that, I'm grateful. I'd like to thank Nicole (baublefaery). If you've never spoken to Nicole, you're missing out on an undoubtedly amazing human. She is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet, and I'm so lucky to have been friends with you. Thank you to Sydney (girouxtiful), for fangirling over hockey with me all these years. You are one of the funniest people without even trying, and you never fail to put a smile on my face. Finally, I'd like to thank Bailey (beautifullyimperfect). You are one of my best friends, and (not to offend anyone) my best friend on this site. Since we started talking almost 3 years ago, you've dealt with my crazy mood swings, many crushes, and heartbreak. I know that things are hard for you right now, but I promise that one day, a guy will see how much you're truly worth and treat you like the queen you are. To everyone on this site, I wish you the best in your future and hope that you all succeed and follow your dreams. ~ love always, ally (irrestible)

i wish I could be happy. I wish I could look in the mirror and f.cking feel good about myself. But I don't. And it doesn't give you the right to tell me I'm "insane for having no self-confidence". I'm 16 years old for crying out loud. Guys call me a lesbian, girls tell me weird, so how the do you think I'm going to feel? Do you think I'll be happy all the time and life will be sunshine and butterflies and all that f.cking bull?