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The name is Samantha.
I don't need to explain myself.
I'm a disaster.

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~~ Do you remember? Do you remember being solid? Do you remember life before the hole? Before you were empty and needed to be filled? There was a time when everything was enough. There was a time when you didn't try to get out of your own skin. Remember? Do you remember? Do you remember the world before the posion? ~~ Before there was Cocaine or Vodka or sex or any of that, there was fantasy. There was an escape. That was my first addiction.
~~ Nothing made me the way I am. Nothing but me.



Quotes by itssambbysurveys

Me (to brother on couch): throw this out.
Me: Throws paper plate at him
Brother: *doesn't get up to throw it out.*
Dad: *walks in* Hey, no garbage or food on the couch. *walks out*
Brother: What! this was yours!
Me: *laughs*

Brother I just got in trouble for you!
e: I get in trouble for you all the time!
Brother: Like when?!
Me: LIke at school, I say it's my fault that I don't do my homework when we all know you should have had it done the night before.
Brother: ...
A man asked a genie to make him a billion times smarter than
any other man in earth.

So the genie made him a women.

i didn't want to offend anyone i just thought it was fuuny xD
if it bothers you, comment & i'll apologize personally.

& if you go before I do

I'm going to tell that old grave digger that he better dig t.w.o. 




I have a question.

So, I've been best friends with this guy for about 3 years, but I've been really close with him for 5. I've fallen for him. And I'm really starting to realize it. He's the guy I always go to  with my problems, and he makes me as close to happy that i've been in a long time. Which is a big thing, considering I have depression. You see, I'm a self-harmer. He does not know that I like him, nor does he know about depression or cutting. (Even though he saw a little cut once.) Other than that, he knows every other thing about me. He knows me inside & out. So... should I tell him about self-harm & depression? Do I tell him I like him? What do I tell him first? how do I tell him?
Help me witty ):




Check yes Juliet
are you with me?

Rain is falling down on the sidewalk.

I won't go until you 
come outside.

"Please stay,"
I whispered to him, while the rain was coming down that hot July night.“Please.”
“No,” he said simply. “You’re not good enough anymore.”
With that, he turned around and walked back to his car. He got in, and turned and drove down the street. I stared until I couldn’t see his lights in the distance anymore. I stared long after that, waiting for him to turn around. My clothes were soaked, and I was soaked. But I kept on staring. I might have stood out there for twenty minutes or an hour- I’ll never know. Time seems to stand still when you’re numb. I stood waiting, in the pouring rain.

He never came back.


How can I love 
When I'm afraid to fall?



I have died everyday 
waiting for you. Darling don't be afraid,  I have loved you for 
a thousand years,
and I'll love you for a thousand more.