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^No, not at all :D


Quotes by iwritesinsnottragities

well apparently lots of people have cancer on here
You can keep your pitty. Thanks anyway :) ┌∩┐(-_-)┌∩┐
Sometimes I like to lay on the floor and pretend I'm a carrot
How long would you be able to endure being MISERABLE if you got to be with the one that you love in the end
I don't know what tot do!
I found out that my boyfriend is bi, I told my mom and she is freaking out. She told me to run away from him.
I really like him,:

I don't know what to do! My mom is acting like he's some kind of freak. I am so upset :'(

Today he kissed my hand
and then said,
"Chivalry's so not dead"

Very Special Day. The Day He Became Mine.


I want him to call me  like he  said he  would... I want him to actually take me to the movies like he says he will. I want him to stick with a plan for once. He has me nervous about the dance... I'm so used to him letting me down that I just expect it now.


Today he gave me his jacket because I was cold in bio,
he was also hugging me from behind and kissing my cheek and holding my hand <3


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Nervous for the


will he regret asking me? will I trip like an idiot? will we not talk and just sit there awkwardly? 

Isn't this supposed to be fun?

ugh so many thoughts!