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Quotes by ixlovexhim5696

thinking about your reponce
and thinking of a better way you could have responded.
Her Thoughts,
There he is! What should I say!? He's always so funny, and helpful! I wish I had the nerve to talk to him...

His Thoughts, 
Wow. She looks beautiful today. I wish I had the nerve to talk to her and tell her...

& tonight will be the night that I will fall for you

over again. 


me: I like him.

friend: You like him or like like him? 
I've always wanted a boy that wouldn't just give me his sweatshirt, a boy that would give me his sweatshirt and wrap his arms around me. I always wanted to go to the movies with him, and watch the scariest movie out, just so i had a reason to press myself up against him. I've always wanted a boy that would respect me. A boy that wouldn't just be my boyfriend, but my b-e-s-t-f-r-i-e-n-d.  A boy that was
just as happy to see me as i am to see him. I've
always wanted a boy that would hold my hand & play around with my fingers. A boy that would wrestle with me & let me win.



Its called "Facebook"

not DramaBook.





Gitchi Gitchi Goo;

Means That I Love You♥


dear sidewalk,

please get wider...
sincerely, third friend walking behind feeling excluded

cool story babe

now go make me a sandwhich.