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Well hey there. ;) I'm Jaci and I guess you found my profile so congrats. /// One Direction, family, friends, music, and God make me. I'm 15 and my birthday is February 26th. (If you're doing the math, yes, I'm going to be a sophomore. YEEHHH.) Anyways, I like sports and people occasionally. I don't know guys, just trying to live life.
*Insert inspirational quote here* - Probably eating food or drinking Starbucks.

jacijo16's Favorite Quotes

no i will not make the first move
i will not move at all carry me


Me in the morning:
There is no life without water.
Because without water there is no coffee.
And without coffee I’ll kill you all, you motherfckers.


can i get a hell yeah if you don't
know what you're doing with your life and never get any sleep

This quote does not exist.

Am I the only one who hates it when people ask for followers?

I follow based on quotes. If I like them, I'll follow you. If not, than I won't. Simple as that.

Don't ask for people to follow you.
Me: *Sees a paragraph*

Me: Uhh... errr... ermmm... too much to

read *scrolls down*.



Liewtelourselves #3
"I'm going to bed on time tonight."


       it's so much easier to simply assume that    
                 the person you like doesn't  like you back.


Math Problem:

A small town girl boards a train leaving South Detroit at midnight. If she doesn't stop believing, how long is her journey?