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 hey guys , jazzy here :)
ok soo im 14, turning 15 on july 11,
i love the color purple ,
i <3 dolphins ,
mindless behavior , justin beiber , one direction , & hot chelle rae are ahhmazingg
katy perry is my role model ,
jake t. austin & ross lynch are the hotties in my life right now ;)
i love making friends so you should be my friend!
hanging out with my friends , playing ping-pong , &watching movies is what i like to do ,
disneyland/disneyworld is where i've always wanted to go ,
my dream is to become a famous actress/singer ,
my paradise is gum &music :)
fall is my favorite ; bonfires , hoodies , sweatpants , funn
i lovelovelove british & australian accents! guys that have 'em... 'nuff said :)
irish accents are an excpetion when talking about niall horan <3
&one day , i wanna go on a road trip to NYC! 
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One Direction…
Guess who's going to their concert with 4 of her best friends? ;)

#4 in my childhood...
We played hide and seek
Not on our iPads

Has anyone else realized how much water

Niall Horan


You know what I think?  I think we should stay UP ALL NIGHT.  You're not YOUNG FOREVER, even though I WISH, so might as well.  I WANT to have great MOMENTS that I'll never forget.  You need to STAND UP, sing NA NA NA because being young is ONE THING to live for.  No regrets, like saying I SHOULD'VE KISSED YOU EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU is WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL.  I don't want to make the SAME MISTAKES by being TAKEN when I know it's GOTTA BE YOU.  Don't TELL ME A LIE and say you don't want me because you STOLE MY HEART.  There's nothing I want MORE THAN THIS; I want to SAVE YOU TONIGHT.  That's the ONE DIRECTION I'm headed. <3 :)

My dad loves his food
"I forgot my water...sh*t."

Those bratz commercials
that think they're so cool...but they're not.

If you live in OHIO
(that would be in America)

Okay so im kinda desperate here haha...anybody know a place that involves singing?  Like classes or shows or anything.  I'm getting tired of singing at home.  :P  It would be better if it was in the Cleveland area.  Thanks!

When you're asked to stay still
everything starts to itch.

Yay!  Witty's changing colors!  Like a rainbow...

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