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Quotes by jessdillon1234

I come.
I mess things up. eat.
I leave.
if anyone cares, I attempted suicide last night.
so I got dared to put something i wrote on here ... so here I go .
no one knows
she walks down the street
little bows in her hair
she looks so happy
but in her mind she dreams of a world where she isn't there
she's known for her sweaters
and can-do attitude
they cover her scars
and it's all lies, who knew?
such an innocent little girl
could be a victim of bullies
in this cruel, cruel world .

its not finished... js .
(don't hate) 
I need a witty friend...
~any gender
~any race
~dancer/singer (either or)
~can take a joke
~someone who won't judge me
~any takers? no? k .
comment please !(:
I was helping out with one of the preschool classes at my dance studio and this was a legit conversation that went on:
teacher: did anyone see there mommy or daddy watching the inagoration?
kid one: whats that?
kid two: its when you sleep during day
me: thats nocturnal
kid three: arn't bats nocturnal?
kid two: no antolopes are
kid four: nuh uh antolopes a fruit
kid five: i know where babys come from!!
*everyone gets quiet*
kid five: *whispering* cleevland.
entire class: *gasp*
*true story
on friday a boy in my school walked up to me and said "hey jess, I found your witty" then walked away.
I'm scared.
so if anyone cares, Silver Linning Playbook just won a golden globe .
it was shot in my home town, and I was in that diner they had a few seence in when they were making it
so they got a shot of me, just the back of my head, but its enough for me to say I was in a movie.
so if anyone cares, one of my dreams just came true.

I just watched a youtube video called "my sim gives birth to a stick"
what am I doing with my life?

today I went to school.
with my glasses, not contacts
messy buns, not curled hair
sweat pants, not jeans
an old shirt, not name brand
& I felt beautiful, not worthless
for once
cousin: you smell like shiz(you know what I mean)
me: you look like shiz
cousin: you look just like me
me: yeah but i make shiz look hot
cousin: you know what Jess? suck my duck.(again, you understand)

I like to bond with my family .