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Quotes by jjflan

i hate how this website became so empty
i cant wear make up to school anymore because every day i cry in the bathroom and it would just smudge
look at my eyes 
really look at them
im not okay 
i promise 
i dont know what to do anymore
can barely make it through the day
i inhale and exhale 
can barely make it through the pain

i want to get better
i really truly do
but everytime i begin to smile
i start to think of you

the way you laugh 
the way you talk
how your hair flows
when you walk

the nights we spent
the days we'd think 
i see you every
time i blink

i hear your voice in everything i do 
but all those words were never true
im sorry it had to end this way
but this is how it had to be

i slit my throat and here i lay
because you dont love me
ill sit and pretend you meant nothing to me
i promise im fine but its just hard to breathe 
you lookin my eyes you say sometimes love hurts 
i whisper inyour ear that its not supposed to burn 
i tries not to lie but you made it so hard
and now if i died id fall right in your arms
but you wouldnt catch me youd just let me fall
you never realized i gave you my all
it had to be done you just dropped me once more
thats when you realized 
loves like a war 
would it make you feel better to watch me while i bleed?
im dying right in front of your eyes
but your too busy concerned with her
i cant do this anymore