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hi. Imagine this is a really fabulous bio and that my page has an even more fabulous layout and I've spent time trying to make all my quotes look good.

Quotes by josephxX

i havent been on this for ages wow hello
I dropped my pizza on the floor today and
I think it was the most depressing moment
of my life so far seeing my pizza cheese side
down on the ground.
I was talking science with my parents
and I said testicIe instead of test tube
and they just stared at me with this really
disappointed look on their faces 
Me: *on the way to see thor*
Me: I'm rather excited thor this
Me: *laughs uncontrollably for the rest of the journey*
Sometimes I think of these really fabulous quotes but I'm at school
so can't do anything about it and by the time I get home I can't remember what it was.

I hate when I have a cold because
sometimes I feel like I'm going to
sneeze but nothing is coming and
my eyes just start to water and it
looks like I'm crying and it happens 
at the worst times possible. 
Like, can you not.
Basically I am petrified of letting anyone use my laptop ever, because I'm afraid that they'll somehow find something absoloutely horrific or embarrasing that I had no idea was there.
Sharing is caring but I don't care.
why are all the awesome people on the other side of the world and all the rubbish ones are at my school?
Me:*casually dies*