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hi. Imagine this is a really fabulous bio and that my page has an even more fabulous layout and I've spent time trying to make all my quotes look good.

Quotes by josephxX

'Some infinities are bigger than other infinities'
  -John green
Is it bad that the highlight of my day was getting new chairs in maths? 
They're not even good chairs.
I've always wanted to know what language babies and animals speak in their heads. 
F/uck you feelings.

It is fabulous. 
'I'm sorry John.' -SH
I love how everyone thinks I have a life and that I don't sit on the internet all day.
Just because someone isn't your definition of beautiful
doesn't give you the right to call them ugly.
we go together like copy & paste.
If it's still dark,
don't wake me up.

that top line was unecessary.
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